Devotees and Members are engaged in a lot of activities related to Sri Aurobindo Bhavan.

The activities start in the morning at sunrise with the flower arrangement and proceeds in the day with garden work where various flowering and other plants are grown, cleaning of premises, maintaining the kitchen, coordinating the visitors, upkeep of the library and maintaining the sales counter that sells a variety of books including the works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Devotees can volunteer for any of the activities given by getting in touch with the coordinators of that particular activity. A list of volunteers is as below.

Administration and Information
Sri Jogesh Aswani 
Sales Department 
Sri Balaraman
Sri Vasant Kadle
Morning Service 
Smt. Mudha 
Study Classes 
Sri S.S. Lahiri 
Bhavan Upkeep 
Sri Sukant 
Repair and Maintenance
Sri Mohanty
Sri Sukant 
Sri Sukant 
Smt. Neelam 
Monthly Magazine 
Smt. Maney
Smt. Amudha 
Smt. Snigdha Mohanty 
Smt. Yamini 
Library/Reading Room 
Sri Koneti Parthasaraty 
Healing Center
Sri Rajashekar 
Yoga Class 
Smt. Anshu 

Flower Arrangements

In March 1967 Huta began the work of expressing some of Sri Aurobindo’s poems through paintings. Under the Mother’s inspiration and guidance she selected certain passages from the poems and completed fifty-four paintings, which were all shown to the Mother in September of that year.  These painting are featured in many of her books.

Inspired from the paintings of Huta, Ms. Meena arranges flowers during the morning service for the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Featured here are some snapshots of the same.